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The inspiration for the theme of this week comes from the following quote of Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben analyzing the French film-maker Guy Debord and his theory on The Society of the Spectacle:

Capitalism in its final form, he [Debord] argued, – radicalizing the Marxian analysis of the fetishistic character of commodities […] – presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles, in which all that was directly lived is distanced in a representation. The spectacle does not simply coincide, however, with the sphere of images or with what we call today the media: It is "a social relation among people, mediated by images," the expropriation and the alienation of human sociality itself. […] The spectacle is nothing but the pure form of separation: When the real world is transformed into an image and images become real, the practical power of humans is separated from itself and presented as a world unto itself. In the figure of this world separated and organized by the media, in which the forms of the State and the economy are interwoven, the mercantile economy attains the status of absolute and irresponsible sovereignty over all social life. […] It can now manipulate collective perception and take control of social memory and social communication, transforming them into a single spectacular commodity where everything can be called into question except the spectacle itself, which, as such, says nothing but, "What appears is good, what is good appears."

Agamben, G. (1993) The Coming Community.
University of Minnesota Press. p. 78-79.


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