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An initial agreement in our work with Dr K. is that we not take so much interest in whether or not he actually succeeded in communicating with the dead. Most important is the search for a “manual” which helps to sharpen one’s perceptivity enough to observe parts of reality usually overlooked. And where Raudive considers the recorded conversations to prove an intact identity after death, we find, in his work, more the potential of a perception of the world, possible only beyond our identities.

This week’s work revolve round the relation between the individual subject and the institutions of society; material institutions – schools, prisons and art institutions – as well as more social forms of institutions, such as democracy and culture.

The theme can be approached from two different angles:

1. What kind of subjects/identities and/or processes of subjectivation are being shaped when the individual confronts the institutions of our time?

2. The significance of such concepts as autonomy, identity/subject and representativity are more and more questioned. How will institutions like democracy and representative parliamentarianism face this future?

read more >> Sven-Olov Wallenstein (2007): "Institusjonelt begjær"


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