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Communication is possible only with our common access to language and signs, as is linguistic and semiotic exchange possible only with common access to the codes we use to define the world as signs. The initiation-theme focus on these codes, but also on strategies in dispose of creating the attention needed to expose the reality described in and with the codes.

If the purpose of the Crusades and the search of the Holy Grail only were to find the actual cup, it would for ever have been considered a historical failure. Most alchemists never succeeded in their attempts to make gold, but discovered many other interesting facts on the way.

This, to be able to give something the attention needed to discover "what should not be", is a big scarcity in our times. Of certain interest in Raudive’s work is therefore his creating of a manual for tuning and enhancing one's perception; as an "Initiation - direction for use".


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