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We begin the period with a basic, underlying theme, i.e. representation. How is the world as we perceive it related to the true, inherent nature of things? What is the difference between "being-woman" and "being-called-woman"? Is there such a thing as "das Ding an sich" – the thing-in-itself – beyond the subject? (The opposite, "Is there a subject?" is as relevant; yet we try to save this question at issue for the forthcoming theme of identity/institution.)

Representation is also quintessential in the world of theatre; as the signs we use, the stories we tell or the "masks" we create to live through experiences inaccessible or undesirable in the "real" world. Hence we find it natural to open our work at Uppsala stadsteater with a thorough exposition of this matter – the significance of signs and representation in human perception of reality.

read more >> William S. Burroughs (1970): "The Electronic Revolution" (PDF)


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