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The most tangible theme headlines, sound and image, proceed from the dialectics between vision and hearing – the two fundamental organs of perception in Western culture. Word-image as state of opposition is often pivotal throughout history: Which of the two sensory organs perceive/recreate the most truthful idea of the material, as well as the spiritual reality? This week is devoted on different approaches to our acoustic relation to the world.

Essential in Raudive's theory is that the voices of the dead can not affect the sound waves acoustically, but only communicate through electro-magnetic waves. Thus, for us to be able to hear them speak, we need to convert the electro-magnetic waves into sound waves with the tape recorder.

According to Raudive, you need to listen to the recordings 10-15 times before you can discern the voices from the general tape hiss. Then, if we listen more carefully in different situations – what else could we hear? Each day we are exposed to a large quantity of sound, containing all sorts of information. We sort it by putting the majority of it aside, just to be able to handle the world around us. What kind of "hidden" values and ideologies are to find in the priorities made? What is worth hearing, and which information disappears in to non-existence?


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