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The initial point of the project is Dr Konstantin Raudive’s attempts to break the boundaries between the living and the dead. Raudive made 70 000 tape-recordings claiming he was communicating with voices from the other side.

Each night begins with a theatre performance of approximately one hour, where two directors and four actors work with Raudive’s methods alongside other texts and material; from Ingmar Bergman to O.J. Simpson.

The reason we use the theatrical performance as an initiation for the audience, is to make sure we create some kind of common reference and understanding of the main topic, i.e. perception.

DIRECTORS Joachim Hamou, Anders Paulin

ACTORS Gustav Levin, Linda Lönnerfeldt, Anna Lyons, Anders Mossling

ASSISTANTS Olivier Bachmann, Karl Ekström

PRODUCER Niklas Borefors

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